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Prison Bash Update

19 Apr

I added better enemy patrolling behavior and spawning. More Importantly, the level has been redesigned. I was listening to Honeycomb by Frank Black and decided to experiment with honeycomb designs. It’s at least more interesting than straight hallways.

Other than that, the idea is the same. Free prisoners and bring them to the Blue Box located at the bottom of the level. WASD to move, SPACE to suck up tiles, LEFT CLICK to shoot a sand bomb, and RIGHT CLICK to shoot a dirt bomb. PRISON BASH!!

Final Prototype

7 Dec

Prison Bash

Wasd to move. Space to suck up terrain. Left click is a weak sand bomb, right click is a strong dirt bomb. The dirt bomb alerts guards. Find all five prisoners and lead them to the escape pod(blue box).

I had to answer these questions as well:

  • Describe your game (including story and gameplay)
  • What goals did you set for your prototype when we talked one on one?
  • What goals did you accomplish?
  • What goals did you feel like you fell short of completing?
  • What do you plan on doing with this prototype in the future?

Final Prototype Post-Mortem

Failed Prototypes

15 Nov

Prototype #7, Competition: Snowballs. I attempted to recreate a classic game where players throw snowballs at each other until one side is left standing. Unfortunately, this was my first foray with Construct, so most of my time was spent learning to do basic things. The reason for switching to Construct was two-fold: Construct can export direct to HTML5, and another class was going to use Construct.

Prototype # 8, 30 seconds: Hallway shooter. I decided to stick with Construct so that I could become more proficient with it. In terms of sticking to the prompt, I failed miserably. I was, however, happy that I at least made a mostly working game this time. I liked the effect of the lights obscuring the position of the monsters; I think the mood I was going for came across. Obviously though, the blinking lights get annoying really fast. If developed further (it won’t be) I would like to make the blinking a temporary effect after opening a door or something.

Prototype #9, Sequel: Potato. This prompt was good in theory, but fucked me in practice. I had to go back to Game Maker for this one because I was getting frustrated with ideas, and needed to be able to make my game quickly once something came to me, also my previous failures were discouraging. Honestly, I felt very unhappy about trying to expand on someone else’s idea, but that may have just been because the games we had to choose from kinda sucked (though there were some nice little gems on the list).

On a side note, the first prototype I did for Sequel included a vortex mechanic that I ended up basing Prototype #10 on.

Prototype # 10 Consume

10 Nov

After making some bad prototypes using Construct these past couple of weeks, I finally managed to make something presentable. The object of this game is to lead a sprouting plant to water. Press Space to suck up the sand blocks. Left click to launch a bomb at the dirt and stone blocks. Score is determined by length of vine, which can be destroyed by enemies.

Prototype #6 Vegetation

12 Oct

The prompt for this week was Vegetation. I had a shockingly difficult time coming up with something for this one, but it all came together nicely in the end.

The goal in this game is to trap a mole that’s tearing up your garden.


Oh, and Naasz decided to be sneaky and trick us into doing a game design challenge. So, I will be entering this into the Experimental Gameplay Project challenge for October 2012

Prototype #5 “Inspired By”

5 Oct

The prompt this week was significantly different from previous ones; we were supposed to be inspired by a selection of works. I chose the short story “Repent” by Harlan Ellison, which was some pretty damn good Sci-Fi. Inspiration game. I specifically played with the use of time in this game, as well as finally getting a working particle system. The gameplay is a little “meh”, but this was tough prompt to work with, so I’m still happy with the results.

Prototype #4 Journey Home

5 Oct

update: the file for this game has been lost in the ether

The prompt for this week was “Journey Home”. I decided to make a game about a Momma Bird flying out to retrieve food for her chicks and returning it to them. Eventually you get hunted, and for defense can poop on the hunter to stun them. This is the first game I’m legitimately proud of. This version is slightly cleaned up from the one I turned in to class: Home. I didn’t bother with sound for the game, but I did finally start to use animations.