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Let’s try this again…

20 Apr

I’ve had this blog for quite a while now, but I don’t update often and I couldn’t stand to read any of the garbage from the past. So, I hit the reset button on the whole thing to start over. One thing I want to focus on more is releasing content on here, rather than just blabbing on.

Take this for example: a really quick prototype I put together to start working on a moba-style game inspired by Future Cop: LAPD (PS1,1997). Three years ago, when I started using Unity, this would have taken me weeks to figure out how to do correctly.


What’s cool is that, even though this took very little time to do, I still managed to learn some things I didn’t realize before about certain functions. Namely, the important difference between Physics.SphereCastAll and Physics.OverlapSphere (that i now need to go fix in other projects).

I’ll try to keep updating and, more importantly, showing what I’m working on.