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Another Gather Update

26 Mar

Starting to see the rough outlines of a game loop now. In this, the bots are breaking down and re-combining minerals. The yellow rock shoots off by itself because it’s the “energy” component gained from the reaction. The purple rock is ultimately used by the bot to get energy back out of the system, and is used by the base to make a new bot.

An update.

9 Mar

I decided to do some follow up posts for my Neural/AI RTS thing.

Construct 2’s Pathfinding behavior is giving me some problems. I want to create automatically create paths on-screen between two objects to send units back and forth them. Right now, the units will usually take one path to get to an object and another path to go back. I’ve experimented with adjusting the “cost” of taking different paths so that units will prefer the first route, but that breaks the game when it works.

On a similar note, I would like to see expanded capability of pathfinding by having access to the pathfinding nodes directly as objects. They just added the ability to reference the node the object is heading towards by it’s array index, and you can access the (X,Y) coordinates of a node by index already.

Construct 2’s path finding behavior is still fairly new and they’re still evolving it and fixing it.

On more of the design side of things, I was planning to have units be ordered by instructions linked to a particular resource type. Orders could build up in complexity, and basically it becomes similar to programming. Different order configurations could be saved as physical “macros” in the game world. The goal would actually be to represent muscle movement patterns stored in our brain. I’m worried that while this may be a novel way of doing things, it may not be very fun. It’s certainly not practical.

I’ll post the prototype for posterity’s sake, but there’s a lot of shit going on that I don’t feel like explaining.