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Gathering AI

21 Feb

Construct has added a bunch of interesting features since I last used it, so I figured I might as well prototype some ideas that needed to be worked out. I should probably just write something down that summarizes my musings on games inspired by neuroscience, but for now I have this, Gather AI.

Right now, “bots” automatically gather red ore and return it to base. After 4 red ore are collected, a new red ore bot will spawn. The player can click and hold on the base to make the red bots move towards the base, when they arrive they will “sacrifice” themselves. Once 4 red bots are sacrificed, a “green” bot appears.

The idea is to create an RTS style game, where players control AI units indirectly through commands. Even the clicking in this prototype is more direct than I intend to get. Essentially, your base will run itself based on set parameters.

One of the main features I wanted to try out was PathFinding, but I it was giving me some problem. Ironically, all of the work in this prototype is done with the turret behavior, which is still new but I’ve pretty much created the same functionality out of code before. But still, Turret behavior is a nice package and I’m looking forward to working with PathFinding.

I also like that they’ve incorporated most of RexRainbow’s “Function” extension into Construct 2.