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Social Games: Build’N’Bash

17 Dec

For Advanced Topics in Game Design: Social Games (atec4373) we learned a lot about social games and about the social aspect of gaming in general.

For our group project we created an actual publicly playable game that received regular live updates. I feel like it was almost by luck that we had a really solid game in mind from the beginning. It’s a light and extremely addicting strategy game about tile matching and spawn rate manipulation called Build’N’Bash. I could not be more proud of what we were able to accomplish. This game kicks ass.

Final Prototype

7 Dec

Prison Bash

Wasd to move. Space to suck up terrain. Left click is a weak sand bomb, right click is a strong dirt bomb. The dirt bomb alerts guards. Find all five prisoners and lead them to the escape pod(blue box).

I had to answer these questions as well:

  • Describe your game (including story and gameplay)
  • What goals did you set for your prototype when we talked one on one?
  • What goals did you accomplish?
  • What goals did you feel like you fell short of completing?
  • What do you plan on doing with this prototype in the future?

Final Prototype Post-Mortem