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Post-mortem of Taicho

9 Dec

Brandon Lee, Eric An, Aaron Powell, Andrew Cross  11/18/11

Postmortem of Taicho


Brandon Lee – Stacking mechanic, Movement mechanics, Board layout.

Eric An – Board layout, Board production.

Aaron Powell – Movement mechanics, Capture mechanics.

Andrew Cross – Player pieces production.


Taicho was last idea we came up with right before class, and was by far our best one. Initially the game played very quick and brutal because we had the ability to stack and move all at once.This led to 2-3 minute games. I still there’s something to be said for a fast-paced game, but it wasn’t good enough for our game restrictions.

During the Alpha Test, the testers came up with an idea for capturing units that we found useful; capturing an enemy using multiple units. At the same time, it was horribly game-breaking. We solved that issue by having just one piece be the “active” piece in combat, and move to capture. Aaron and myself spent a lot of time forming a consistent logic throughout the game. The main problem we faced came from a debate about whether Stacking counted as movement since you “move” multiple pieces to one square. Ultimately, to get the right pacing and consistent logic we limited players to doing only one thing at a time, ie stacking can only be done one piece at a time.

Due to bad experiences with previous groups, I made sure to get the rules done myself. Making sure the rules clearly stated every facet of the game to the unintiated, even going so far as to define the critical terms like “adjacent” (an old habit from my debate days).